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MAY 2022


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APRIL 2022


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MARCH 2022


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Sunday, February  27th

Guest Speaker  "The Sign Of The Times" 


Friday, February 25th

Bro. Ronnie Simpson "The Power To Deliver"

Bro. Wayne Kennedy  "Where's My Son?"

Bro. Ronnie Jones "Examine Yourselves"

Bro. Randy Sutherland "The Vinyard is Valuable"



Thursday, February 24th

Bro. Ronnie Simpson "What Made The King's Knees Knock"

Bro. Daniel Peoples  "Following From Afar Off"

Bro. John York "The Heart"

Bro. Kevin Whaley  "Get Up That Mountain" 



Wednesday, February 23rd 

Bro. Ronnie Simpson "5 Kings and a Cave"

Bro. Jerry Reeves  "Saved Scriptually"

Bro. Tim Hughes  "Parents Boast About God"

Bro. Billy Wilson  "The Stones Of The Power Of God"


Tuesday, February 22nd 


Bro. Ronnie Simpson "The Scarlet Thread"

Bro. Keith Thomas "How Far Will You Go?"

Bro. Brent Madaris  "Standing Alone"

Bro. Ray Morris  "Don't Quit On God


Monday, February 21st

Bro. Ronnie Simpson  "Do You Really Want To Go  To Heaven?"

Bro. Michael Ramsey  "The Presence of God"

Bro. Craig Ogle  "A Wounded Spirit"

Bro. Dale Butler "Jesus Has Time For You"












February 2022



Bro. Roger Butler 022022  Are You Awake?


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